Jon Katz seeks experienced legal assistant/paralegal

Apr 29, 2008 Jon Katz seeks experienced legal assistant/paralegal

Underdog readers, please lend me a hand by spreading the news that our law firm has an immediate opening for an experienced litigation legal assistant/paralegal to work with me for criminal and First Amendment defense. Do you know the right candidate to work just a mile from our nation’s capital while fighting for truth, justice, and the Constitutional way? Who better to help us find the right applicant than our Underdog readers?

Our office sits across the greenest and most beautiful part of downtown Silver Spring, overlooking Woodside Park and its multi-foot fountain. Blocks away not only is the subway, but also the revitalized downtown (although I prefer the old downtown, with its shaver store/museum, the oldies vinyl music store, and the gun shop) with the Silver Theater as its centerpiece. Even Zippy the Pinhead and creator Bill Griffith — who has a yen for diners — visited Silver Spring seven years ago to witness the Tastee Diner’s movement from Georgia Avenue to Cameron Street just three blocks from us, to make way for the Discovery Channel building.

For the drier part of this blog entry, following is our job announcement for this position. I will shower my eternal gratefulness on the person who directs the right candidate our way:


Silver Spring, MD. Highly-rated criminal defense and Constitutional law partner seeks experienced Legal Assistant/Paralegal to be his right-hand person in fighting for victory for challenging misdemeanors and felonies in numerous courthouses, as well as stimulating civil cases defending the Constitution. This is a rare and fitting opportunity for a take-charge, caring team player who will keep things running smoothly when the criminal defense partner is in court and who is open to learning and advising on providing quality service to clients.

The right candidate will have a college degree or the equivalent, a minimum of one-year proven success as a private law firm litigation assistant, smarts and common sense. The recipe for success starts with the acronym COLPP: communication, organization, loyalty, promptness and productivity. We look for results and encourage ordinarily not needing substantial overtime, but also require follow-through to assure that deadlines are met or extended. 

Excellent performance gets handsomely rewarded through highly attractive compensation, a great workplace with a caring staff, full integration into client projects (including courtroom visits) and a comprehensive benefits package (paid parking/Metro; full vacation/sick leave/holiday pay; and health insurance contributions). We highly value our employees and provide a harmonious and hardworking place to thrive. 

No foreign language skills are needed. Excellent interpersonal skills and intelligence required. 

PLEASE APPLY NOW:  Please apply in strict confidence by sending, only via e-mail, fax or snail mail (1) a one-page text version of your resume, (2) a one-page persuasive cover letter (designating "Litigation Assistant/Paralegal") that addresses how you meet the foregoing hiring criteria, (3) concise salary history, and (4) relevant references, to fax (301) 495-8815 or Please refrain from e-mail attachments, phone calls, and e-mail inquiries. For more information, visit www.markskatz.comJon Katz.

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