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Judge Brian G. Kim resigns

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According to his own lawyer, Montgomery County, Maryland, District Court Judge Brian G. Kim is sometimes tough on the bench: ‘“He really wants them to get better. Is he strict? Yes,” [his lawyer Barry] Helfand said. “He wants people to listen to him.”’

A lawyer disserves his or her client if he does not tell the client how the assigned judge will likely act at trial or with another disposition in the client’s case. I do that for all clients’ cases, including when Judge Kim has been my judge, because that is part of the calculus in deciding whether to proceed to trial and how to proceed with settlement negotiations.

This past Friday, Judge Kim resigned. I assume that the resignation already has taken effect. I report this news not to engage in a discussion about what may have led to his resignation nor about any characterizations about him that I do not have firsthand knowledge of. At minimum, the news is noteworthy for Judge Kim’s very toughness. I encourage Maryland and Montgomery County residents to give their input to the county bar association, Maryland governor, and state legislators about who should replace him.