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Judge suspended five days over deflating car’s tire

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In August 2009, I wrote about Charles County, Maryland, Circuit Judge Robert Nalley’s deflating a car’s tire. Judge Nalley soon after the incident admitted very directly both to the press and to the regional chief administrative judge that he let air out of the tire of custodian Jean Washington (see her side here) for being parked where he said it should not have been parked in the courthouse parking lot. Before his admission came to light, a sheriff’s deputy said he caught the deflation on video. I was at the courthouse not long thereafter, and cell-videtaped what appeared to be the area of the incident. 

Today, by this consent agreement, Maryland’s highest court ordered a five-day no-pay suspension of Judge Nalley, to be served within one month of today. The Court did not issue a public reprimand, although Judge Murphy supported such a result. 

Case exhibits in the matter are here, including the transcript that includes Judge Nalley’s testimony before the Judicial Disabilities Commission.