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Judges, not black robes, define their character

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Each judge defines his or her own character. A judge’s black robes do not do that for the judge.

Thanks to Frances Robles for her recent article and analysis on the high number of actual and alleged instances of criminal law violations and wrongdoing in Broward County, Florida. Broward County is not the only region where judges act in that way, so we must remain vigilant of judges everywhere.

News of judges behaving counter to the criminal law and to proper behavior is not cause for celebration. It is a reminder that judicial candidates and judges must be vetted and scrutinized more carefully, and that black robes alone do no elevate them above their own humanity. It also is a reminder to shrink the criminal justice system so that we can have higher-quality judges and other judicial officials, by legalizing marijuana, decriminalizing all other drugs, legalizing prostitution and gambling, eliminating mandatory minimum sentencing and the death penalty, and eliminating blood alcohol content per se rules in DWI cases.