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Justice Breyer meditates

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Taijiquan serves me personally and professionally in innumerable ways, including in being calm in the eye of the storm. Taijiquan is moving meditation, with the form concluding for me and many fellow practitioners with at least five minutes of standing meditation, with the arms raised around parallel to the ground, with the fingertips pointed somewhat towards each other, whether or not that involves an exchange of energy between the fingertips.

Regardless of my views on his case opinions and votes, I was taken over the weekend to learn that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer meditates twice daily: “‘For 10 or 15 minutes twice a day I sit peacefully. I relax and think about nothing or as little as possible.'” Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, quoted in the Mindful Lawyer. Here is the article about Justice Breyer’s meditation.

May that be inspiration for all other judges and lawyers to do the same.