Justice Scalia’s daughter pleads guilty to drinking and driving

Jun 05, 2007 Justice Scalia’s daughter pleads guilty to drinking and driving

Justice Scalia (r) meets U.S. House member Phil Gingrey (l). (From Phil Gingrey’s Congressional website).

This follows up on my February 16, 2007, blog entry about the drinking and driving arrest of one of Justice Scalia’s daughters. I said then, and say now, the only silver lining in this misdemeanor prosecution against Ann S. Banaszewski is to make criminal arrests and prosecutions more real — rather than simply abstract — for Justice Scalia and his colleagues.

Last week, Ms. Banaszewski entered a guilty plea to drinking and driving. She was sentenced to eighteen months probation, 140 hours of community service, and counseling (probably involving a group alcohol education class, which are commonly required for clients convicted of driving under the influence in the jurisdictions where I practice). She received an automatic six-month driver license suspension for refusing to take a breath test.

As to the automatic license suspension, here is a discussion of the sanctions available for a breath test refusal in the jurisdictions where I practice. Jon Katz.

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