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Keep federal prosecution out of state laws allowing medical marijuana

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Legalize marijuana as much as alcohol is legalized, and our civil liberties will flourish exponentially. Police repeatedly troll for marijuana odor, to seize on such odor as probable cause to search for marijuana and other contraband. The District of Columbia heavily decriminalized marijuana to address racial disparities in police pot arrests. Convicting and jailing marijuana consumers converts countless otherwise law-abiding citizens into convicted and jailed criminals.

Even if marijuana is legalized, I doubt I will use it. This is a matter of freedom of choice. Similarly, even if handgun laws are further liberalized — with Second Amendment rights having particular teeth in my state of Virginia — I do not expect to be buying any firearms (although I enjoyed target-shooting .22 single-shot rifles in summer camp).

Years of experience have demonstrated that legalizing marijuana for recreational and medicinal use has not led to any sky falling. Federalism supports letting states decide their marijuana destiny, and it is ironic that such a purported conservative (with conservatives otherwise touting federalism and states’ rights) as Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently sent Congressional leaders a letter urging repeal of federal legislation prohibiting state prosecutions that clash with state medical marijuana laws.

Polling confirms widespread public support of medical marijuana, and substantial support for legalizing recreational marijuana use. It will be a terrible mistake to deprive medicinal marijuana to people tremendously benefiting from state-permitted cannabis for their ailments.

Please urge your Congressional members to deny Sessions’ request to allow federal prosecutions of state-legal medical marijuana.