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Keep the spotlight on convention protestors’ rights

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Bill of Rights. (From the public domain.)

Today’s blogpost follows up on yesterday’s entry insisting on protecting demonstrators’ rights at the Democratic and Republican presidential conventions. Here are some useful links for assessing and responding to the protest issue in Denver:

– Added to my blogroll is this admittedly biased blog devoted to coverage of demonstrations and the police at the major party presidential conventions. Thanks to TalkLeft for bringing it to my attention.

– Here is a gruesome place set up for police to process arrested demonstrators.

– Police public relations Groupthink gaffes often comes when they arrest reporters covering the action. Thanks to TalkLeft for covering this story.

– See Wolf Blitzer editorialize in favor of strong security while saying little to nothing about demonstrators’ First Amendment and criminal defense rights, offset by his colleagues somewhat counterbalancing Blitzer, and including ominous footage from the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention. Did 1968 failed Democratic presidential candidate Hubert Humphrey lift even a finger or a word to stop the police abuse inside and outside the Chicago convention site? If not, would he have reversed his narrow loss to Nixon had he stood up firmly, vocally, and effectively against the police abuse, thus perhaps obtaining more support from those who favored Robert Kennedy and Eugene McCarthy for president? Then again, the Vietnam War was then raging, which presented a huge challenge for him to obtain more than grudging support from strongly antiwar Democrats, while he served as Vice President under Johnson who kept the Big bloody Muddy going. Jon Katz