Kudos to the Bill of Rights Defense Committee

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Oct 30, 2006 Kudos to the Bill of Rights Defense Committee

In the midst of the many government violations of civil liberties comes a five-year-old civil liberties organization called the Bill of Rights Defense Committee. The BORDC’s vision follows:

"Throughout U.S. history, and especially in times of war and other stress, the U.S. government has curtailed the rights of foreigners and those who dissent. Twentieth Century examples are COINTELPRO, HUAC, the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, and the Palmer Raids. Lack of public awareness, a climate of fear, and divisive government policies helped preserve COINTELPRO and HUAC for decades.

"BORDC believes that this cycle can be broken and the targeting of groups ended by:

  • Education to know our rights,
  • Staying vigilant to threats to our rights and to the rights of others, and
  • Organizing using protections guaranteed in the Bill of Rights to defend our rights.

Too many civil liberties violations are running rampant today to stand silent. Please speak out effectively. Please join with like-minded activists. Please donate to and join the ACLU, BORDC and/or other worthy causes.

Meanwhile, the attached notice announces the BORDC’s open position for East Region Organizer. Jon Katz.

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