Lena Horne leaves her body

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May 11, 2010 Lena Horne leaves her body

Lena Horne passed away on May 10, at age 92.

The span of her career included the depths of Hollywood racism. Ms. Horne said that scenes depicting non-white performers playing anything but subservient roles would be spliced out of the versions played in the South.

Ms. Horne’s New York Times obituary says that "blacks were not allowed to live in Hollywood" and that Lina Horne confirmed that "’Felix Young, a white man, signed for the house as if he was going to rent it… When the neighbors found out, Humphrey Bogart, who lived right across the street from me, raised hell with them for passing around a petition to get rid of me.” Bogart, she said, “sent word over to the house that if anybody bothered me, please let him know.’" 

Above, Ms. Horne sings a variation of "Stormy Weather", which she first sang in the early Forties, having weathered several storms over the years.

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