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Lessons from Wolfe Lowenthal

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As I said yesterday, t’ai chi ch’uan is essential for my life and law practice.

Here are some powerful passages from Wolfe Lowenthal’s biography of t’ai chi master Cheng Man Ch’ing, entitled  Gateway to the Miraculous: Further Explorations in the Tao of Cheng Man Ch’ing:

"Whatever abuse or oppression we may experience, its effect on our balance is still in our hands."

"The only real opponent exists inside each of us."

"A demonized opponent implies a condition of fear."

"Egotism and arrogance are weak because they are too expansive."

"Where there is tension, the body is dead."

"There is nothing that in and of itself need destroy our sense of well-being."

For my trial law practice, the above passages teach not to get angry at the judge nor the opposing lawyer or opposing witnesses. That weakens the lawyer’s ability to persuade them.

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