Let the Midnight Special shine a light on me

Mar 05, 2007 Let the Midnight Special shine a light on me

Defending anti-globalization demonstrators was a further eye-opener for me about demonstrator solidarity and government and police urination on demonstrators’ rights. I have written here about one of my own confrontations with police as an anti-war demonstrator. (Image from the public domain).

Check out the Midnight Special Law Collective’s "Know Your Rights" helpful criminal defense and student discipline defense comics here.

I first learned of and interacted with the Midnight Special Law Collective when defending anti-globalization activists during the April 16, 2000, World Bank/IMF meeting. I handled such criminal defense more to counter growing governmental and police abuses against lawful demonstrators — which continues to this day — than from any opinion about the demonstrators’ anti-globalization message.

I was heartened to learn from this experience that peaceful and positive activism — including among the nation’s youth — is alive and well. I recount here some of my experiences with the Midnight Special (see the song lyrics here) and from the April 16, 2000, demonstration weekend. Jon Katz.

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