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Mar 28, 2010 Links to the humorous and serious

Facmee & Diaz, by A Pair of Nuts.

Sundays often bring Underdog blog entries going beyond a focus on persuasion and the law.

In that spirit, here are some humorous law-related links:  

– A Pair of Nuts presents lawyers Facmee & Diaz, parodying late night, low budget lawyer television commercials, here reading unrehearsed at a third-grade level from cue cards. The would-be real cameraperson might be a film student who does some choreography and cinematography right out of Second City T.V. Watch their ads here and here . Thanks to a blogger who posted the first ad; I cannot recall which blogger that is.

– Which of the two characters here more realistically mirrors real life? The cop or the lawyer?

– An even more aggressive lawyer is played by Randy Quaid in Caddyshack II.

This is apparently a real ad from . If real, the ad is revolting, even though First Amendment-protected.

As a counterpoint to the above links, on his People v. State blog’s front page, John Kindley has assembled biographical links of sixteen particularly interesting people (at least the ones I have already known about or whose links I have checked). Unfortunately, all his links for these people are to Wikipedia, which might be a good starting point when Google does not provide reliable returns, but Wikipedia is a free-for-all of unvetted writers and self-appointed editors that follow, and cannot be relied upon as accurate. 

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