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Lying cops exist

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Bill of Rights (From public domain.)

To say that no cops lie is to say that people do not grow old or die. As I have asked before, how on earth does one lie less by wearing a police badge? Am I the only one who believes that the vast majority of people lie frequently, and go well beyond so-called white lies? If that is true, then there is no reason to believe that cops are any more honest than those in the general population.

Thanks to John Wesley Hall for posting a recent Chicago Tribune article that covers the testimony of former police officer Richard Doroniuk in a police corruption trial. The Tribune recounts Doroniuk testifying, among other things, that "Officers carried a little crack cocaine to plant on suspects when searches came up empty and stole cash from drug dealers during raids and traffic stops. They also routinely paid informants, falsified reports, lied in court and even kicked back cash to a judge for pushing through a bogus warrant, Doroniuk testified Wednesday in federal court."

When a criminal defendant claims the cops planted drugs on him or her, do not be so quick to consider the defendant a liar. Jon Katz