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The best multi-day trial lawyer seminars that I know of are the National Criminal Defense College’s Trial Practice Institute (also known as Macon, which I attended in 1994 for two weeks) and the Trial Lawyers College in Dubois, Wyoming, which I attended for four weeks in 1995. NCDC only accepts those practicing criminal defense, and not prosecutors. Except for its judges’ seminar, the Trial Lawyers College limits attendance to lawyers mainly representing people, not prosecutors, not corporate lawyers, and not insurance defense lawyers.

For those not ready to invest so much time into the above-described lengthy seminars, both programs also sponsor long weekend seminars. Here is the 2008 schedule for NCDC programs. I understand that some people who even attend a long weekend Trial Lawyers College program often go through a tremendous metamorphosis, so hold onto your seat if you attend. (Suffice it to say that the 1995 Trial Lawyers College, alone, was a powerful catalyst that led within a short time to people leaving their legal employment or partnerships to start new practices, reconciliation of shaky relationships, the breakup of shaky relationships, babies conceived, numerous changes on smaller scales, and, eventually, many breakthroughs at trial and before.) If you attend or have attended programs at either place, please let me hear from you. Jon Katz.

ADDENDUM: Psychodrama is heavily covered at the Trial Lawyers College. In that regard, thanks to a fellow listserv member for providing the information and link to The Psychodrama Papers by John Nolte, who is both a psychodrama practitioner and teacher in his own rite, and who is heavily involved with the Trial Lawyers College.