Marijuana will get prosecuted less often in Brooklyn – Medical marijuana in New York

Jul 11, 2014 Marijuana will get prosecuted less often in Brooklyn – Medical marijuana in New York

Thanks to Brooklyn, New York’s chief prosecutor for deciding to reduce the number of marijuana prosecutions against those with limited criminal records. Here is the detailed news release on the policy.

Although the Brooklyn chief prosecutor’s marijuana prosecution policy has some exceptions, here is the policy’s gist, from the news release:

– "Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth P. Thompson today announced that, under most circumstances, his office will no longer prosecute first-time offenders arrested for low-level misdemeanor marijuana possession in an effort to make better use of limited law enforcement resources and to prevent offenders — who are disproportionately young men of color — from being saddled with a criminal record for a minor, non-violent offense."

– "Circumstances under which the Kings County District Attorney will decline to prosecute on a charge of Criminal Possession of Marihuana in the Fifth Degree (P.L. 221.10 [1] or [2], a class B misdemeanor, whether they come into the district attorney’s office as arrests or desk appearance tickets, include the following: If the defendant has no prior arrests or criminal convictions, or has only a very minimal criminal record, and has provided the police with a verifiable name and address."

On another marijuana note note, New York state recently enacted a medical marijuana law providing for up to five marijuana manufacturers and twenty dispensaries.

Legalize marijuana.

Thanks to the now-late Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
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