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Mark Bennett on cross examining experts

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Photo from website of U.S. District Court (W.D. Mi.).

Thanks to fellow criminal defense lawyer Mark Bennett for his beneficial series on cross-examining expert witnesses.

Numerous times, Mark has covered and praised me and this Underdog Blog; particularly when considering the source, I appreciate his words very much. Likewise, I very much appreciate Marks’s devotion to excellence and sharing his experience and wisdom. Mark is a Houston criminal defense lawyer whom I know from the Trial Lawyers College; for around two years, we shared the often thankless task of keeping the TLC’s listserv running (we made and enforced no rules other than that listserv members were limited to people who attended the multi-week TLC program). He and I share a devotion to incorporating powerful life approaches from outside the legal profession into our law practices; excellence in representing our clients; and a refusal to paint an unrealistically rosy forecast — as opposed to presenting an optimistic battle plan — to potential clients, even though many people will hire lawyers painting unrealistically rosy forecasts. Jon Katz.