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Marks & Katz in the CT Post about fighting for justice

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Last Monday, the Washington, DC, reporter for the Connecticut Post visited my law partner Jay Marks to discuss his immigration law work, and expanded the interview to cover my criminal and Constitutional defense work, and the genesis and progression of our nine-year-old law firm.

The resulting article was published on the front page of today’s Sunday Post. The Connecticut Post is published in Bridgeport, where Jay and I were born in the same hospital three months apart; we grew up together one town away.

Concerning the September 11 attacks, Jay rightfully told the reporter: "People who did these terrible things to us were not immigrants but terrorists."

About practicing with Jay, I told the reporter: "We get very little resistance when we want to lower our fees for someone, work pro bono or take on a controversial client. And we inspire each other. The practice of law is about serving your client, not about making money."

It’s nice getting our message for justice to a wide media audience Jon Katz.