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MaryJane legalization makes inroads – Fairfax Criminal Lawyer

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MaryJane legalization makes inroads - Fairfax Criminal Lawyer

MaryJane legalization makes inroads – Fairfax Criminal Lawyer

MaryJane/ marijuana legalization and decriminalization needs to spread to Virginia, says Fairfax criminal lawyer

MaryJane/ marijuana legalization is about freedom of choice, personal privacy, and shrinking our overgrown police state. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I urge Virginia’s lawmakers this legislative session to make major inroads for decriminalizing and ultimately legalizing marijuana.

Virginia criminal attorney on further MaryJane legalization inroads in the nation

As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I see the wasted and misallocated governmental and police resources used to investigate, prosecute and penalize people for possessing and distributing/selling marijuana, hash oil and drugs. I see alleged marijuana odor repeatedly used as cops’ justification to stop, seize and search people and their homes and property for marijuana.

Fortunately, Virginia’s lawmakers and political decisionmakers need look no further than neighboring Maryland and the District of Columbia to see that the sky has not fallen in places where marijuana has been legalized or heavily decriminalized.

Fairfax criminal attorney on recent inroads into further liberalization of MaryJane laws

Here is a recap of some of the exciting recent developments in nationwide liberalization of marijuana laws:

  • Recreational marijuana is now legal in Michigan, to a point.
  • Virginia this year selected five companies to dispense CBD and THC-A oil to those with a physician’s’ recommendation.
  • New York City Governor  Andrew M. Cuomo “announced that he would push to legalize recreational marijuana next year.”
  • Canada in October 2018 became the world’s second nation to legalize marijuana, and pot CEO Derek Peterson urged the U.S. government at least to let states decide on their cannabis future.
  • Surgeon General Jerome Adams in December 2018  said:  “[O]ne of the concerns that I have with marijuana is the difficulty that the folks have to do research on it, because of the scheduling system.”
  • In November 2018, Massachusetts became the first state on the East Coast to have legal marijuana retailers in operation.

Fairfax criminal lawyer says legalize marijuana

Legalize marijuana. Let it be reasonably regulated and taxed.

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