Luckily McCain did not get elected – Calls protestors low-life scum and Kissinger an honorable man

Feb 02, 2015 Luckily McCain did not get elected – Calls protestors low-life scum and Kissinger an honorable man

Knowing he will not win a future presidential election, Arizona senator John McCain freely speaks his mind without concern about future White House prospects. For instance, on January 29, 2015, McCain at once called anti-Kissinger protestors low-life scum (see video here), but elevated Henry Kissinger as having served the United States with great distinction.

Granted, the Senate has rules against disruption of its hearings. However, McCain’s "low-life scum" attacks seem surely to have been a response to the protestors’ message and means against Henry Kissinger, rather than merely against any old protestor’s message in a Senate hearing room.

The demonstrators have solid footing for railing against Kissinger — even if the protest should not take place during Senate hearing proceedings — including:

Henry Kissinger and Gerald Ford greenlighted Indonesia’s 1975 invasion of East Timor. Indonesia’s subsequent human rights violations in East Timor were horrific.

Kissinger greenlighted Argentina’s horrific dirty war that started in the 1970’s.

– Kissinger supported the United States’ role in Pinochet’ 1973 overthrow of Chile’s democratically elected Salvador Allende (see here, too), which was followed by Pinochet’s years-long brutal rule.

Here are State Department declassified transcripts of Kissinger’s recorded telephone conversations.

Kissinger seems to have supported the concept of supporting brutal regimes that were the United States’ so-called friends, rather than having the United States be a beacon of human rights, and, at the very least, using those friendships to push for human rights protection in those countries.

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