Meatless Thanksgiving will give turkeys something to be thankful for

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Nov 27, 2014 Meatless Thanksgiving will give turkeys something to be thankful for

Imagine the fear and misery of being led to the slaughterhouse and the fishing boats’ nets, and being shot at by hunters?

Is it not ironic that on this day of thanks, all this turkey eating makes this the day that they rue the most?

Human executions are excruciatingly painful, despite litigation geared to reduce the pain. No similar efforts are made to minimize the physical and psychological suffering of animals, as they are led to slaughter first seeing and hearing their brother and sister animals slaughtered before their very eyes. Unlike humans executed in American death chambers, food animals are methodically beheaded, stabbed, and killed otherwise. See this gruesome video giving a brief meeting of your meat.

More videos are here.

Even if most people are unwilling to become vegetarian, world hunger and food prices will still dramatically fall if people drastically reduce their consumption of meat, fowl, milk. milk products and eggs. There has never been an easier, more healthful, or more delicious time to live vegetarian; even supermarket aisles have infinitely more vegetarian choices than just six years ago. Restaurants have more vegetarian options than ever before, including Burger King and Subway with their veggie burgers (which may not be vegan, though, but it is a start). Here are many easy options.

See how you feel about your health, your annual physical exam, the environment (including reducing methane pollution from animal farm flatus), the animals around you, and world hunger after making such a change in your eating choices. You may never turn back.

Not only do I show you the pro-vegetarian propaganda videos displayed above, but I also invite you to watch the animal food slaughter and production sequence in Samsara, which apparently was motivated more to focus on consumerism than to indict meat eating.

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