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Meditation brings greater accomplishment – Recommending Sharon Salzberg’s new book

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I have repeatedly blogged on the great personal and professional results that I derive from mindfulness and meditation, which for me go hand in hand.

A few days ago, the following thoughts came to mind about the benefits of practicing mindfulness and meditation. where my practice is particularly the moving meditation of t’ai chi ch’uan:

Meditation helps make us less self-centered by bringing us closer to living the path of no self (see here, also) and helping empty the ego.

Meditation is not laziness, just as physical exercise is not. It helps clear our personal cobwebs, fostering more energy and focus.

Meditation helps counter inattention. It puts us in the now. It lets us see possibly boring situations as continued mindfulness practice.

What good is it to spend a day with otherwise mind-numbing tasks or study, only to get 10% done? Meditation helps focus on the task at hand.

Consequently, meditation makes one better in life, career and academic pursuits.

Just one day after I penned the above words, my teacher Sharon Salzberg’s new book officially went on the stands and hit my Kindle software through pre-order: Real Happiness at Work: Meditations for Accomplishment, Achievement, and Peace.

I have attended several local dharma talks and mediation sessions led by Sharon. At one of them, she mentioned that Real Happiness at Work was in the works, and observed how she was writing such a book without having been an employee before. Good for her for having found a self-employed path.

When I first was in Sharon Salzberg’s presence, when she joined Krishna Das on stage in 2011, I was floored when — during Sharon’s guided meditation — for the first time I was able to see both me and the universe as limitless in time and space. Ever since then, both with and without Sharon, I often have been able to summon back that feeling during meditation. I have blogged about Sharon here , and numerous other times. She brings a great gift in leading dharma talks and meditation numerous times each year in Washington, D.C. through shuttle mindfulness from her Manhattan base. 

I highly recommend Sharon’s Real Happiness at Work. Here is a particularly apt passage from the book: the "actual experience of mindfulness produces a vibrant, alive, open space where creative responses to situations have room to arise, precisely because we’re not stuck in the well-worn, narrow grooves of our habitual reactions." See more of the passage here, which hits on the head the magic and quantum leaps we can achieve through the clearing and cleaning process of mindfulness practice.

Deeply thanking and bowing to my teacher Sharon Salzberg.