Meeting lawyer advocating D.C.’s handgun ban

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Feb 10, 2008 Meeting lawyer advocating D.C.’s handgun ban

Bill of Rights. (From the public domain.)

On February 6, I was leaving one of the main District of Columbia government office buildings. Leaving at the same time was Dan Rezneck, who works with D.C.’s attorney general’s office, previously served on the D.C. financial control board, previously was a lawyer at the large Arnold & Porter law firm, and previously prosecuted alleged obscenity (unfortunately)  and other cases with the District of Columbia United States Attorney’s Office in the early 1960’s.

Not until I started talking with Rezneck — as he walked towards the D.C. courthouse — did I realize that he had argued the  Parker v. D.C. handgun ban case for the D.C. government in the United States District Court, only to have it overturned against the government on appeal. The case now is pending before the Supreme Court under the name D.C. v. Heller. Clearly, Mr. Rezneck and I disagree very much on this issue.

Mr. Rezneck is a past law clerk to the late Supreme Court Justice William Brennan (before whom I was starstruck when I met him in 1994). It appears that Mr. Rezneck is motivated by altruism (misplaced as to defending D.C.’s blanket handgun ban) by working at the D.C. Attorney General’s Office, since he likely earned much more in private practice. He has an interesting life story. Jon Katz

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