Michael Jordan as t’ai chi practitioner

Mar 08, 2009 Michael Jordan as t’ai chi practitioner

Hesitant to promote Nike — which at least in the past has had some overseas contractors who imposed substandard working conditions at best — I like Mike in this Nike commercial (posted at Conflict Zen) where he underlines how success is impossible without risking loss.

Investing in loss is a central principle in the t’ai chi martial art that I practice daily. T’ai chi master Cheng Man Ch’ing talked of investing in loss not for purposes of losing, but for purposes of yielding initially to the opponent’s attack as a prelude to countering the opponent and throwing him or her a great distance. Cheng Man Ch’ing’s student William C. Phillips addresses investing in loss here.

Tell me, Nike, were any t’ai chi practitioners involved in creating this commercial?

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