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More Americans than ever favor legalizing marijuana

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As I have oft repeated, a key way to get a handle on the overly expensive criminal justice system is to substantially shrink the system by per se blood alcohol content rules in the drunk driving laws.

Praised be the Americans who have seen the light about marijuana and favor its legalization. A recent Gallup poll says that 58 percent of Americans favor legalizing the weed.

Once marijuana is legalized, people will also benefit from concomitantly limiting the instances — apart from trying to prove driving under the influence of marijuana — where police can search people, places, cars and other things upon claiming to smell marijuana.

Will  consume marijuana when and where it is legal? No. My support of marijuana is about freedom of choice. I have no interest in consuming marijuana nor any other intoxicant, but my civil liberties  and personal freedom are better protected when others have the right to consume marijuana. By imperfect analogy, I detest the idea of eating prunes, but will be the first one to oppose any ban on that one vegan item that I will not touch.