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More on the power of zero

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My clients are many who have much on their minds, hearts, and often consciences. I go to court with almost unlimited legal research to conduct, when including all the relevant statutory and caselaw in my jurisdiction and other jurisdictions, with all this going beyond all the evidence I must synthesize and formulate into the most persuasive honest package. Judges come to court with administrative obligations in mind well beyond just my case. Prosecutors come to court with a very busy number of cases. Witnesses are left wondering what they will be asked in the courtroom. Jurors consider how their work and home life will function smoothly with them in the courthouse for long stretches of time without access to cellphones or email.

Imagine all of the foregoing chatter happening at once. It can get deafeningly loud.

Silence. Quiet and calm the mind. Know and apply the power of zero. Doing so will achieve more clarity, attention, focus and good decisionmaking than doing otherwise.

Here are some thoughts on the foregoing approach, some repeated from before and some new:


One of my most most powerfully peaceful memories is from 1979 around 9:00 a.m. in the pitch black desert near Mount Sinai. Our teen tour had arranged for us to sleep outside of tents in our sleeping bags, before starting hiking Mount Sinai before sunrise, to minimize the harsh morning sunlight.

I had to relieve myself, and no bathrooms or outhouses were nearby, just mother nature and I. I walked over a hunded yards, including clearing a small ridge, to relieve myself in reasonable privacy. Once I stopped, I heard no humans nor other mammals. It was pure bliss. I wanted to just remain there for hours, until sunrise. I only did not remain there long to avoid a hunting party to look for me. In hindsight, I should have stayed there longer, to sear that peaceful experience into my being all the more. I experienced this all before figuring out the lyrics to David Bowie’s "Space Oddity."

As the late great John Johnson shared: "To hear we must let our souls be quiet; we must learn how to be still so that our mother earth can touch us with her wisdom and show us the way to peace… When we find peace we can have power and courage and wisdom. We can go forth as true warriors in seeking after justice."


When we truly achieve, being alone does not mean being lonely. We need to be alone in quiet to understand ourselves and to bring out our greatest power. If we cannot truly be by ourselves, how can we know and be ourselves, and truly relate to others? See the magic of being by yourself in meditation/mindfulness, on a walk, bike ride or otherwise, not reading nor communicating with others, but just being. Experiencing being in the now sometimes includes silence rather than reading or talking, both of which often summon the past and future.

If you are uncomfortable or concerned about boredom being in silence without even reading and without music, and just sitting or walking. when and how will you know yourself? Non-silence should enhance our lives. Non-silence should not be an escape from ourselves. Our warts are not to be ignored or fled from, but to be addressed head on. We can address our warts, our dirty laundry, and shortcomings with compassion and balance, letting our full power always take hold.


The power of zero can be very powerful, whether it be zeroing out unnecessary thoughts, ideas, and facts/data; not using brute force to attain goals; or not letting outside forces and messages interfere with tasks and goals at hand. By getting to zero, we eliminate sound and idea interference, letting us hear better, not just hearing the words spoken and written, but intuiting, reading body language and vibrations and energy, and hearing through what is not said.

Underlying the power of silence is Baba Hari Dass, who for decades has not spoken, and has communicated from a chalkboard around his neck, knowing that any words beyond the chalkboard’s borders are unnecessary. 


In this information age, we are bombarded with even more memories and data and ideas than the many we already would have without the electronic media. Self Identity Through Ho’oponopono ("SITH") teaches the importance of and the way to clearing out — or at least neutralizing — the data and memories that are best cleared out. The late SITH teacher Morrnah Simeona said: "Western man has gone to the extremes with his intellectualism it divides and keeps people separate. Man then becomes a destroyer because he manages and copes rather than letting the perpetuating force of the Divinity flow through him for right action." As Ho’Oponopono teacher Ihaleakala Hew Len has said: "‘We are perfect, but we’ve got doo-doo [extraneous data or memories plugging us up.’" SITH practitioner Pam Pappas, M.D., continues, by saying that Hawaiians have the phrase of kukai pa’a, for intellectual constipation.

The intellect can coexist with one’s personal development, but must not be permitted to eat a person alive.


Litigating lawyers must be concerned about the decisions that will be made by judges and juries. However, we cannot let ourselves get eaten inside out and alive over such concerns. Our main focus needs to be to find well being from inside ourselves, and not through the weather, how people receive or assess us, nor our current financial or personal gains or losses. Looking withing for personal fulfillment is known as non-duality.