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Apr 23, 2009 More temperamental than a pencil

When I was born, fax machines did not exist, let alone personal computers, the Internet, cellphones, BlackBerries and Iphones, and CD players. A simple pencil, pen, or typewriter — sometimes even a manual one — got the written job done fine.

Today, people overdepend on electricity, batteries, phone lines, and the Internet to communicate, to the point that a crisis can arise if any of them break down. In that regard, for a few hours this morning, our e-mail and website were down when my sitehost’s ISP was down.

I generally like my sitehost very much. The company does not have contractual provisions against adult entertainment, which I do not upload, but I like the free expression principle; apparently some sitehosts ban sexually explicit visuals in order to avoid huge bandwidth drains. Ordinarily, all runs smoothly with my law firm’s email, website and blog.

I do prefer a sitehost with a redundant backup server to avoid such downtime with my website and email, although such downtimes fortunately are infrequent and short. If you have recommendations, I am all ears.

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