My old law firm sues Bill Cosby for libel – With libel, I only defend

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Dec 12, 2014 My old law firm sues Bill Cosby for libel – With libel, I only defend

In 1996, I drove from an aborted visit to an incarcerated Maryland criminal defense client to an interview to be considered for a trial lawyer position at D.C.’s Chaikin, Sherman plaintiffs personal injury law firm, where I ended up working for the next two years, obtaining great experience in the civil trial and litigation arena. The same firm on December 10, 2014, sued Bill Cosby for libel.

The firm’s litigation partner asked at our interview whether I would feel uncomfortable with any of the work at the firm. I said I would feel uncomfortable representing libel plaintiffs. I was told that would not likely become an issue for me.

Libel laws deeply offend my First Amendment and free expression principles. For libel, I only have represented defendants, and proudly so, including my published win for a libel defendant sued by another taekwondo referee.

Even with the above said, if any of the sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby are true, that is beyond a seriously disturbing matter. Before I heard of these allegations, Bill Cosby for me underlined that one can be hilarious without being nasty and while being just about as squeaky clean as anyone can be. I don’t know what the truth is. I do know that I remain resolutely opposed to libel laws, and therefore look forward to seeing Bill Cosby beat this libel suit, and even better if he wins before undergoing expensive and time consuming pretrial discovery.

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