Welcome to our new website!

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Aug 18, 2015 Welcome to our new website!

icon-copyrightWelcome to our entirely overhauled webdesign! Our outdated circa 1999 webdesign and 2006 blog program have been replaced by a user-friendly WordPress platform.

Our webmaster has done a great job in developing and masterminding our new web design and platform. She has also performed wonderfully at migrating over two thousand blog entries and other essential data from our old website platform to the new one. She has cleaned up a substantial amount of glitches inherent in the migration from our old web platform to the new one, and more work continues with addressing formatting, spacing, and sizing issues arising from code peculiar to our old blog entries and software.

Along the way, some data from our old website has been deleted to remedy redundancy, obsolescence, and the need for a new website that is not held back by the old one.

We welcome your comments about our new website, which is fully responsive to desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone browsing.

Our new blog welcomes comments. Until we find a way to better handle spam, comments will be moderated.

Thanks deeply to our webmaster, website host, staff, and everyone else who has provided their assistance and input in launching our new webdesign.

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