Nonviolence starts with each of us

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Dec 31, 2008 Nonviolence starts with each of us

Millions have been repeating “Happy New Year” this week. Millions make resolutions for the new year, so often not kept.

A worthy resolution that can be started immediately is nonviolence. Let this be the first of all days that people no longer hit their children, their significant others, nor anyone else.

Reducing the eating of land and sea animals reduces violence, as does the reduction of buying and wearing leather and fur. The hunting of animals and the catching of fish needs to stop.

Let this be an era where people insist that their governments rein in militarism, end capital punishment, and rein in police violence, including tasing, shooting, beating, and police dog attacks.

I am not a complete pacifist, but I believe that violence begets violence, and that non-violence starts with each of us, right this moment. Please join me now. Jon Katz.

ADDENDUM: Originally, I was going to focus this blog entry on the horrors and risks of nuclear war. In that regard, the passionate and expletive-filled presentation of the late musician and bandleader Sun Ra — who claimed to have come from another planet — who admonished: “If they push that button, you can kiss your as* goodbye.” Sun Ra’s “Nuclear War” performance preceded the fall of the Soviet Union, but is at least as timely today as ever.

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