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NPR airs tapes of Guantanamo enemy combatant hearings

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On November 21, 2006, online and on the radio waves, NPR aired FOIA-obtained audio recordings of Guantanamo hearings to review enemy combatant classifications. The inmates need not participate, but sometimes do, despite their lawyers’ advice not to, seeing how irresistible it can be for an inmate anywhere to open his or her mouth before a tribunal — like this one — that does not permit the presence of defense attorneys.

This same NPR webpage is chock full of additional riveting information and links to news and views about the Bush administration’s continued flagrant violations of human rights in the name of war here and abroad. The site includes this very revealing story about the military’s termination of Charles D. Swift, who courageously and skilfully defended Salim Hamdan. I blogged about Charles Swift’s plight here. Jon Katz.