Of Monty Python, Hormel, and unsolicited bulk email

Mar 03, 2008 Of Monty Python, Hormel, and unsolicited bulk email

Technical difficulties interfered with my including the following addendum to my blog entry this morning about the 4-3 Virginia Supreme Court decision upholding Jeremy Jaynes’s nine-year spam sentence:

In the face of this wrongly-decided Jaynes opinion, I offer the following spam humor. I found the CompuServe court opinion that explains, at footnote 1, how Monty Python’s spam skit led to the coinage of the "spam" phrase for unsolicited bulk email. This Wikipedia article discusses the subject further. Monty Python’s spam skit is as funny today as ever, and is here and above on YouTube. Jon Katz.

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4 of 7 Virginia Supreme Court judges uphold First-Amendment-violative criminal spam law
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