Olivia Cammack leaves her body

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Sep 11, 2011 Olivia Cammack leaves her body

Not until this weekend did I learn the sad news that my colleague Olivia Cammack passed away last month.

I first met Olivia through our mutual membership in the Maryland Civil Justice Network. For the most part, I have not been very active in the organization, although I have met numerous upstanding people through the group, and it is through the CJN listserv that I learned that Olivia had passed.

Eight years ago, my former law partner Jay and I had the pleasure of having Olivia and her solo law firm as a subletter for several months at the empty office in our law firm suite. She then moved to her own suite three blocks away. Olivia constantly emitted good vibes. I am sure her clients benefitted from that, and I know that I did, to the point that experiencing her good vibes seemed enough for me, rather than to inquire about her life, while I did learn more about her along the way.

When Ram Dass (then still named Richard Alpert) met Bhagavan Das in South Asia, he tried telling Bhagavan Das all about Alpert’s life back in the United States. Bhagavan Das shushed him, saying "Be here now." With Olivia, being here now with her was fulfilling in and of itself.

Here are some links about Olivia:

– A heartwarming slideshow.

– Olivia’s obituary and guestbook.

– Olivia signed as a Pride and Faith Coalition through her affiliation with the One God One Thought Center, supporting the right to same-sex marriage. 

Thank you, Olivia, for you.

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