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On creating the space, flow, and enjoyment for people to succeed

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Success for my clients requires my not only working hard, but also a well-balanced approached to my work for me and my staff. When my clients can join in that balance, all the better.

This balance includes creating the space to feel abundant in time and space, and with myself and my work so that I relish tackling each moment of work rather than dreading anything as a chore, even things as otherwise unexciting — at least if it were not related to winning for a client — as ordering paper clips and other supplies, and copying and assembling multiple exhibits and other documents when I receive the items too late before a trial date for my staff to organize them.

This same balance is important for my staff to succeed. A key ingredient to achieving such balance is for me or any business owner or manager to have trust in his or her employee’ work ethic, abilities and devotion to the organization and its clients, and to work at benefiting from a staff member’s strengths and to seek ways to offset weaknesses.

Ideally, successful work will not be seen as divorced from one’s personal life. Instead, successful work will smoothly transition from a successful personal life, and a successful personal life will easily flow from successful work.

Most people seek fun as part of a successful personal life, so work should incorporate significant components of fun. It is ideal in one’s personal and professional life to love what one does and to do what one loves.

It is ideal for my staff to feel invigorated from the time they walk into our building to the time they leave work for the day, and all times in between. It is important that my staff knows at all times how much I value them and their work, welcome their suggestions and improvements for helping our clients and administration of our firm, welcome their interest in professional development internally and through outside educational programs, and honor and respect the importance for them to have a healthy life-work balance. They are each a valued member of our team, and never a cog in the wheel.

I know I always have room to do even better in motivating and thanking my staff, and supporting and encouraging their professional development. Every staff member knows I like them very much and am very inspired by the very positive and professional way with which they deal with everyone. Appreciation for my staff can be shown in ways big and small. On the smaller level, on Fridays, breakfast and lunch are on the house for my staff. On days before federal holidays, I usually let staff leave early and get paid for the whole day. I remember their birthdays. I endeavor to pay my staff well. Most importantly, I endeavor to give each staff member my full time, attention and caring.

While my staff knows my belief in meditation and mindfulness practice for my own self development, I do not imply nor encourage that they do the same; that clearly is a matter of personal choice. For me, daily meditation and mindfulness practice lets me feel the necessary space and abundance to be fully prepared and powerful for everything that happens during the day, and to resolve the day for a restful sleep at night. Daily meditation and other mindfulness practice is the opposite of laziness. It undams the flow of daily energy into a powerful river.

Thanks always to my staff and to my clients.