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One World / One Dream / Free Tibet!

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This week at the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. 

Today, the Olympics torch relay approaches in San Francisco, This city is the sole United States location for the relay. Demonstrators for human rights in China will be out in force; hopefully all peaceful in the footsteps of Gandhi

The sign unfurled in the above video from the Golden Gate Bridge reminds me of the sign held in front of the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. by Gallaudet University Professor Fat C. Lam soon after the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. He was standing alone, and I joined him. His sign read "Don’t let tyrants sleep." His message is as critical today as it was in 1989 as to human rights violations worldwide, starting with the White House and its constant trampling on civil liberties in the name of counter-terrorism, branching out to Congress when it passes oppressive laws, going to states and municipalities when their police and institutions of control run roughshod over the Constitution, and going to the rest of the world, where no government avoids violating human rights in one way or another. As Nancy Pelosi importantly said, moral authority to stand up for human rights necessitates standing up for said rights in China, and Tibet. Of course, I also expect her to fight for human rights domestically, as well.  Jon Katz.