Back from vacation, my office is open today December 31

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Dec 31, 2015 Back from vacation, my office is open today December 31

A hippie-styled security staffmember checks those entering the Eiffel Tower ticket line.

My family’s vacation to London and Paris was terrific, and I am back in the saddle at my office today, even though the Virginia courts are closed a day ahead of the new year.

Overseas flights are surreal events, with flight attendants constantly offering drinks and food, and many personal video selections at each seat, perhaps geared to make passengers more docile and forgetful of the cramped coach seating quarters and recirculated air.

Onboard, I finally got a chance to watch Mike Judge’s hilarious 1999 Office Spacewhich of course is at once great satire and a wakeup call for all employers to treat their employees as the whole humans they are and to pay close attention to making their work meaningful and rewarding.

Last night, one of the front desk people at our Paris hotel expressed thankfulness that we did not cancel our trip over the recent terrorism in that city. I was not so much concerned about safety risks in the aftermath of the mass murders as much as possible resulting security incursions on individual liberties. While the security situation immediately after the mass murders and behind the scenes may be worse than I witnessed, the worst I saw were groups of unsmiling police or soldiers with scary machine guns in many places, and friendly security personnel asking to see interiors of bags and the inside fronts of winter coats upon entering museums and even shops, and some gated and handheld metal detectors, with this hippie-appearing Eiffel Tower security employee as my favorite. Airport security seemed unremarkable going outbound and inbound, as did the security for the train connecting London to Paris. Otherwise, the pulse of life in both cities seemed to continue as normal without fear on any civilians’ faces.

I enjoyed speaking my second language of French, even though my Spanish comes in much more handy with numerous of my clients.

I again thank my staff, who took care of my clients and me while I was away.

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