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Opening hearts and minds to persuade in criminal court – Virginia defense

Opening hearts and minds to persuade in criminal court – Virginia defense

Opening hearts and minds of judges and jurors is a key ingredient to persuading, says Fairfax criminal lawyer

Why did Michael Jackson repeatedly do spectacularly in selling his music when so many other performers struggled with dipping sales when slews of people were so often choosing to listen to music online at no charge? Why do I run away from slick-talking people urging me and other tourists into their restaurants when not seeming to care a damn about our having a good dining experience? Why do some jurors cry and even hug a litigant and their lawyer after delivering a verdict in that person’s favor?

Fairfax criminal lawyer on the necessity of fully serving the judge’s and jurors’ wants and needs

It is because Michael Jackson, the restaurant we instead choose to return to again and again, and the litigant and lawyer whom the jurors hug are fully focused on satisfying the desires and even needs of their audience, while taking care of the music, the dining experience, and the courtroom experience. They themselves open their own hearts, minds and ears to judges, jurors and everyone else. Michael Jackson was a stickler for delivering his audiences a great performance for their money. The neighborhood restaurant that we keep returning to provides us an experience of a dining room away from home. That hugged lawyer sheds the stereotype of the dollar-chasing lawyer to help the jury be comfortable and well-treated, to help the jury fully understand and feel the case and his or her client’s plight, and to humanize his or her client.

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Fairfax criminal lawyer Jonathan L. Katz knows that great persuasion for criminal defendants comes not from an impressive attorney academic nor work resume but through constant devotion to serving clients well and to taking care of the people he endeavors to persuade. To discuss your case with Jon, please call his staff at 703-383-1100 to set an appointment.