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Opposing the drug war is mainstream

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LEAP’s compelling video against drug prohibition.

Opposing the drug war is mainstream. For instance, such organizations as the Drug Policy Alliance present a reasoned counter-message of harm reduction, backed up by supporters from a wide range of the social establishment, including such board members and honorary board members as former Federal Reserve Chair Paul Volker, George Soros, former police chief Joseph McNamara, federal Judge Robert Sweet, Walter Cronkite, and two medical doctors from prestigious institutions.

A few years ago, some former high-level police officers got into the act, and formed Law Enforcement Against [Drug] Prohibition. Above is one of the group’s compelling videos.

On the economic conservative side, Milton Friedman underlined at the 1991 annual Drug Policy Foundation conference that the drug war is a huge socialist enterprise, which helps explain why so many economic conservatives want to downsize or eliminate the drug war.  Opposing the drug war is not only for leftists, and never has been.  

Jon Katz.