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Ordinary Northern Virginia residents show why marijuana must be legalized

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The attached video begins with Fairfax County, Virginia (bordering on Washington, D.C.) resident Margaret Boyne confirming that she can always “buy pot from friends who work on [Capitol] Hill,’ the State Department, and law firms.

Watch Ms. Boyne and a series of other persuasive (except for the too-intense last speaker) ordinary Northern Virginians — retired IT, CIA, military and educational professionals — stand up for legalizing marijuana, last Saturday to the Fairfax County legislative delegation to the State General Assembly. See more background here: https://patch.com/virginia/mclean/marijuana-advocate-i-will-always-be-able-to-buy-pot-from-friends-who-work-on-the-hill

You do not need to be a medicinal nor recreational pot user to benefit from the civil liberties and personal freedom gained from marijuana decriminalization and legalization. Making pot legal as doctor-recommended medicine takes pot out of politics, and to the medical field where it belongs for those in medicinal need, until marijuana is legalized.

Medicinally, marijuana alleviates — without undesirable side effects (including decreased focus at work from legal painkillers and decreased libido from anti-depressants) — a wide range of health ailments, including HIV/AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, MS, orthopedic ailments, sleep apnea, discomfort from diabetes, pain from disease, depression, and anxiety.

Ever since I started practicing criminal defense law 22 years ago, I have seen countless clients suffer detentions, police hassling, searches, prosecutions and often convictions and probation violation charges even for less than a half gram of marijuana, based on alleged marijuana smell including under some of the most specious of circumstances https://katzjustice.com/winning-a-jury-acquittal-over-eight-pounds-of-marijuana-in-the-defendants-rear-carseat/; drug dog sniffs that are at the mercy of their police handlers prompting a positive alert; dragnet arrests of everyone near illegal drugs (consider that before you accept a ride from someone); and, consequently, wasted scarce criminal justice system resources when government budgets can be much better balanced by legalizing pot and heavily decriminalizing all drugs.

As the first speaker in the attached video says, marijuana prohibition does not much affect her own marijuana use as a white, suburban retired information technology professional. Marijuana prohibition leaves police an extra avenue to profile and oppress suspects based on race, age and so-called social class. If you do not think police conduct such profiling, ask the next young, black man you meet, regardless of whether he is from an Ivy League background never having even violated the parking laws, or is someone from a less privileged past and present.

Please today urge at least one of your legislators to support making marijuana legally available as medicine, decriminalizing it, and finally legalizing it.