Ornette Coleman proceeds to the next stage

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Jun 12, 2015 Ornette Coleman proceeds to the next stage

Musician Ornette Coleman blazed the life path of excellence that he wanted, rather than trying to please others with watered-down or more conformist music to increase his profits. In the process, he made a huge name for himself for being who he is.

Of course, although Coleman (playing here at Bonaroo in 2007), being an artist, was able to refuse to please his audiences over the years (other than to give his art his all, as he defined it) and to focus on the music that pleased him, trial lawyers are of no use if they do not do their best to serve their clients and persuade judges and jurors. An overlap between Coleman and me remains that I focus on taking clients whose causes fit in with what is important and stimulating to me, and continue remaining energized by my work through focusing on work that has meaning to me, rather than seeking to have a law practice that fits others’ notions of the path a lawyer should take, and their notions of how a lawyer should conform. That is a wonderful part of being my own boss.

Ornette Coleman left his body on June 11, at the age of 85, proceeding to the next stage, and leaving us with his musical brilliance.

My blog only notes a few people’s passing each year. Ornette Coleman naturally made that cut. Deeply thanking and bowing to Ornette Coleman.

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