Our blogroll is back for good

Feb 10, 2008 Our blogroll is back for good

Computer hard drive. (Image from Pacific Northwest Laboratory’s website).

Very infrequently do I discuss the technology of blogging, including my how-to entries here and here.

Suffice it to say, it has taken me many hours and years of learning, doing, and trial-and-error to have a useful and smoothly functioning website (born 1999) and blog (born 2006). On February 8, I blogged that our software was down, and that I would find an alternative solution if the problem persisted, which it did. Therefore — when had been down for many hours; it later came back up — I scrapped and copied and pasted our blogroll directly into our blogging program.

It will be more of a hassle to maintain the blogroll without blogrolling software to help me avoid needing to deal with HTML code each time I add or remove a blog from our blogroll. However, it is a bigger hassle to use blogrolling software that is not reliable enough. Messy Studio received an insufficiently detailed comment from a person purporting to be Ross Rader (who was running blogrolling at some point, and maybe still is), saying:

"We’ve definitely not abandoned How are you trying to get in touch with us? i.e. what address are you emailing to? Let me know if I can help with anything. Posted by: Ross Rader | 06 February 2008 at 08:31 AM"

Two commenters on Messy Studio recommended Google Reader for blogrolling. A 2005 commenter on Pariah talks about Bloglines. I will check them out. Commenting on my February 8 blog entry on this topic, blogger ZuDfunck said: "Get ready to make one [a blogroll] yourself…It’s a pain but I have a few I have made over the years using the OPML that blogrolling use to supply… Looks like you have some blogroll in place so you must have fixed it eh?"

Now that our blogroll is running again, I can return to focusing harmoniously on the substantive part of blogging.

Jon Katz

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