Our firm is open today, rarely closing for weather issues

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Dec 09, 2013 Our firm is open today, rarely closing for weather issues

Our office is open today, and rarely closes for weather issues. My staff will arrive this morning, possibly delayed by the travel conditions after last night’s light snow that caused some ice. I will be in the D.C. Superior Court for hearings this morning, and out by noon.

I give my staff full discretion on coming in delayed or not at all when the weather or roads are challenging. I, myself, rarely miss coming to the office due to weather. That is not meant to brag, but to let people know that my office usually remains open even in challenging weather, whether or not I am the only person at the office.

For those wanting to know whether a particular courthouse is delayed or closed due to weather, do not rely merely on reports that government offices are closed or delayed. WTOP radio’s website usually has accurate information on court delays and closures for weather. Individual courthouses also announce delays and closings on their phonelines (which might get jammed, however) and sometimes on their websites.

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