Our power is extraordinary – Use it only for good

Aug 21, 2014 Our power is extraordinary – Use it only for good

Recently I jotted down the following ideas about persuasion and self empowerment. I underline that we must always use our power wisely and responsibly, and never misuse it:

– We can self-heal in more ways than seems apparent.

– Brainstorming is great, so long as that does not abdicate looking inwards for the solution.

– Kindness and compassion are strengths and not weaknesses, so long as they always are backed up by strength.

– Procrastination dulls your power. Overwork to the burnout point saps your power. Essential is artfully balancing and negotiating deadlines and time management, and declining less important tasks that will overextend a person.

– Powerful is regularly summoning the playful, wondrous and fearless child within us, whether or not trauma interfered with that when we were children.

– What unsettles and even scares an opponent more than knowing that his/her adversary delights in the battle; battles well; has extraordinary personal, resource, and financial stamina for the battle; and has a team that works and integrates well together?

– When you set the agenda for when and how you will address an opponent’s move, the opponent is caught more off balance than immediately reacting.

– An effective civil trial colleague prefers for his opponent not to know his full power before trial. That can work well for trial, but not necessarily for negotiating.

– Retreats and vacations are great in innumerable ways. The next key is to apply their benefits to the most trying situations.

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