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Owsley, LSD, and Tales of Hofmann

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LSD image from DEA’s website.

By Jon Katz, a criminal defense lawyer and DWI/ DUI/ Drunk Driving lawyer fighting for the best possible results in the courts of Fairfax County, Virginia, Montgomery County, Maryland, and beyond.

Here are some interesting links I have found about LSD; Owsley Stanley, who manufactured massive quantities of high-quality LSD in the 1960’s; and other LSD items:

– My 2008 blog entry on LSD inventor Albert Hofmann soon after his passing

SF Gate 2007 article on Owsley.

– Interview with Owsley from around 1997.

– Owsley’s apparent website.

– The Dead’s sound system, which Owsley apparently heavily influenced.

– Owsley purportedly being interviewed in 1994 on Australian radio.

– YouTube clip on LSD and Owsley.

– Owsley’s enamel artwork.

– Owsley on the Bear image.

– Owsley is convinced that meat-eating keeps him healthy. I am convinced that vegan-eating keeps me and “food animals” healthy.

– Albert Hofmann on LSD and alternative realities.

Ken Kesey talks about acid tests.

– Allen Ginsburg on LSD’s origins.

Timothy Leary on LSD.

– Ram Dass/born Richard Alpert speaks about LSD, and about fierce grace.