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Page number one, number two, or number three?

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Underdog readers, lend me an eye or two. I have found a webdesigner to update my clunky self-created static web design circa 1999.

After the designer sent me the first design, I asked about arranging for black typeface and putting in pictures of me and my staff, maybe with a slideshow, as well as automatic dropdown boxes. The sitehost working with the designer responded with this second design. The text and photographs in these two designs are just samples.

I have not before circulated the second design, which I like better than the first. Responses to the first design, have been generally positive. However, one person said the first design looks like most other lawyers’ websites and lacks a focal point. Another person said the feel of the first design is so cold that she would not want to hire such a lawyer. As a counterpoint, another person said he’d want a criminal lawyer showing such an image. I like the idea of a focal point, as would Chagall, but what should be the focal point? 

Enough of what I think. I seek your feedback, unvarnished and merciless. Thanks. Jon Katz