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Pavarotti found a brand new bag

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At the Trial Lawyers College — which has key hallmarks of a cult — we did a lot of singing. Some of it I liked very much, and some of it assaulted my sensibilities, both for content and execution. My favorites from the TLC/Thunderhead Ranch included Johnny Cash’s "Bad News" and "Jambalaya"; even though I did not care too much for the tune, the message hit home in "Cat’s in the Cradle". The point of it all was to give full voice to our feelings and arguments through belting out our words in song, rather than merely saying our words.

In that spirit, I pay attention to great singers. One of them, Pavarotti, recently passed away. So much had been said about him, that I was about not to blog about him, until I found this amazing YouTube James Brown-Luciano Pavarotti duo of "It’s a Man’s World" (as much as I dissent from the song’s title). In this video, James Brown blows me away more than he ever had before. Thanks to BlogRevolution for the heads up on this video. Also, here is a duo video with Pavarotti and Barry White.

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