Perhaps Cook County’s sheriff did not read Underdog’s blog entry yesterday

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Mar 06, 2009 Perhaps Cook County’s sheriff did not read Underdog’s blog entry yesterday

The world economy is in crisis. Warfare continues, including in Iraq and Afghanistan. Too many children die daily from malnutrition and insufficient healthcare. Government funding is tight in the United States, particularly until government legalizes marijuana, heavily decriminalizes all other drugs, eliminates mandatory minimum sentencing, and eliminates capital punishment.

What does Cook County, Illinois’ sheriff do the same day I posted on the protection enjoyed by such online bulletin board operators as Craigslist from liability for the postings of third parties? He files a federal civil lawsuit (thanks to Popehat for posting the complaint, and to my brother lawyer Larry Walters for alerting me to the story) seeking to enjoin Craigslist from enabling the posting and continued public availability of ads that might be for prostitution.

Many places in the world permit prostitution or do not enforce against it. It is legal in at least two Nevada counties, Canada, Mexico, France, England, Germany, Israel, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands. Sex sells and sells big, in the realm of visual items, sexual aids, advertising, strip clubs, and erotic services for hire. The sky has not fallen where prostitution is legal, and it should be legalized in the United States, to end the silly and unnecessary overstretching of law enforcement budgets for prostitution prosecutions, and to stop making consensual sex among adults a criminal act. Jon Katz

ADDENDUM: On October 20, 2009, a federal trial judge dismissed the sheriff’s complaint against CraigsList for including erotic ads.

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