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Persuading by being centered

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On May 25 and 28, I wrote about Jan Diepersloot’s Warriors of Stillness, This book further says:

“Dantian [a.k.a. “tan tien”] means ‘field of elixir’, after the Taoist and Buddhist discoveries that putting awareness there in meditation generates a warmth and feeling of well being that permeates the entire body.” Warriors of Stillness at 14.

“The true wuji point, the human center of gravity and biological energy and growth is the point where the line connecting the dantian and the mingmen intersects the Centerline. That is where we want to focus our awareness.” Warriors of Stillness at 14.

“In the Chinese tradition, the jing (ching) (energy of the lower torso) is said to be refined in qi (the energy of the upper torso) which is then refined into shen (spirit, or the energy of the head), which ultimately is refined, or returns to wu or nothingness.” Warriors of Stillness at 15.

“The Chinese tradition in general, and the wuji tradition in particular, is based on the experience/insight that mindfulness of the center is the way to tap into the very source of the energy that fuels our biological growth. This energy can then be used for purposes of maintaining health and preventing illness, developing martial skills, and spiritual growth.” Warriors of Stillness at 16.

“Albert Doczi … offers elegant mathematical proof of the basic tenets of [the Chinese, particularly Taoist, worldview] that the center of gravity in all of life’s untold manifestations is also the center of biological energy and growth.” Warriors of Stillness at 16.