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That person driving like a maniac might become your potential juror

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It would be great if I could see potential jurors — and everyone else I need to deal with for important matters — driving.

Inside the false cocoon of a car, a person’s true self can emerge, running from level-headed to whackjob.

Do not put it beyond a potential juror, prosecutor, judge, opposing witness to think and act irrationally.

How about a varitation on the theme, in terms of the millions of people who catapulted Donald Trump from an annoyingly offensive fanciful curiosity early on the campaign trail, to winning the Republican nomination. Not all of them were acting out of bigotry (versus not assigning enough value to reversing bigotry)  and irrationality versus a commitment in these economically and politically challenging times to overhaul the way politics usually have been done

All I can do as a lawyer is to recognize that not everyone thinks and acts rationally all the time, which is what prosecutors may say about some or many criminal defendants.

To persuade judges, jurors and others, then, I can take the multi-pronged approach of persuading through common sense, storytelling, returning people to the poiny of rational thinking,  and appealing to the common denominators that motivate people. Also important is for me to maintain and demonstrate genuine compassion for everyone at all times

Of particular importance is to listen and pay attention to everything and everyone at every turn, because the landscape of the place of persuasion is constantly changing, with proverbial quicksand, avalanches and oases. The point for me to persuade for my clients is to only persuade for my client’s case, and not otherwise to change other people’s political nor other views, which can involve even more staggeringly varying and changing climates.

Enjoy the ride