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Persuading others through the magic mirror and peacefulness

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The last time you blasted your car horn at another car that cut you off, were you calm right before being cut off? The last time a judge hollered at you, were you feeling peaceful the split second before?

Being peaceful may not guarantee peacefulness from everyone else all the time, but if you are not peaceful, do not expect to get much peacefulness from others. That is the magic mirror effect.

My teacher Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len insists in this great video that all positive change starts inside ourselves, and that peacefulness is one of those critical positive internal changes. Dr. Hew Len says

"Ho’oponopono is a simple process of finding peace in yourself. Peace always begins inside, nowhere else… As long as you are peaceful, everything around you will become peaceful… your business will be peaceful, your family peaceful… As long as you are peaceful, … your relationships [will be] peaceful. But if you’re not peaceful, a problem arises… Ho’oponopono is only about looking at yourself, looking for the cause of the problem, which is always in you." 

Being peaceful in the most stressful of situations is more easily said than done. I practice t’ai chi and Self Identity Through Ho’oponopono to find and maintain calm in the eye of the storm